Federal Budget Deficit

Do Current GOP Tax Reform Proposals Resemble Reagan’s Tax Reforms?

By ·November 29, 2017
Kennedy School, Harvard University
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The Issue:

President Donald Trump has invoked the experience of the Reagan Administration's tax reforms to promote the current Republican tax reform proposals. "Republicans and Democrats came together to cut taxes for hardworking families ...
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Are Global Imbalances a Source of Concern?

By ·September 29, 2017
Robert M. La Follette School, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Issue:

The Trump Administration argues that countries like Germany and China pursue policies that unfairly promote their exports, and consequently experience large trade surpluses at the expense of other countries that run trade deficits, such as the United States. Concern with these global imbalances predates ...
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Do Immigrants Cost Native-Born Taxpayers Money?

By and ·July 26, 2017
Cornell University and University of California at Berkeley

The Issue:

Immigration was a key issue during the 2016 presidential election and debates regarding both the number and the types of immigrants that should be allowed to come to the United States continue. An important factor in this consideration is whether immigration places a burden on taxpayers. Those who want

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Welfare and the Federal Budget

By ·July 25, 2017
University of Maryland

The Issue:

As the Trump administration has been preparing a federal budget and Congress has been talking about tax reform, there has been much attention to the federal budget and federal government spending priorities. One notion that has surfaced in the surrounding political discourse is that the federal government ...
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