Health Policy

Clearing the Air on the Costs of Pollution

By ·October 18, 2019
Cornell University

The Issue:

The United States has made a lot of headway in improving air quality since the initial Clean Air Act, the first drastic regulation of air pollution in the United States. While such a program has visible costs — such as decreased manufacturing employment, sectoral reallocation, and increased production

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How Do Occupational Licensing Rules Affect the Health Care Sector?

By , and ·October 9, 2018
Emory University and The Hamilton Project, Brookings Institution

The Issue:

Health care professionals work within the boundaries of state licensing rules which vary from one state to another, often restrict what nurses and other non-physician health care workers can do, and determine to what extent they must be supervised by physicians. These rules have to strike a balance between ...
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How Large a Burden are Administrative Costs in Health Care?

By and ·September 6, 2018
University of British Columbia and Harvard University

The Issue:

Health care spending is much higher in the United States than in other high-income countries. One aspect that sets the United States apart is a much higher share of expenses that are not directly related to providing goods or services to people in need of care. The U.S. health care system spends hundreds ...
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