Directions for Economy Policy in the Current Macroeconomic Environment

Binyamin AppelbaumTwitter, New York Times
Megan GreeneTwitter, Financial Times
Scott HorsleyTwitter and National Public Radio
Greg IpTwitter Wall Street Journal

October 9, 2022

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The United States economy is currently marked by high inflation, a strong dollar, rising food and energy prices, and historically low unemployment. The shortage of microchips presents another challenge, as do the ongoing consequences of climate change.

Can the Federal Reserve lower inflation without sending the economy into a deep recession? Should the United States be incentivizing domestic manufacturing of advanced microchips? What will the Inflation Reduction Act mean for a transition to a greener economy? To address these questions, EconoFact Chats welcomes back Binyamin Appelbaum of the New York Times, Scott Horsley of NPR, Greg Ip of the Wall Street Journal, and Megan Greene, a columnist at the Financial Times and the Global Chief Economist at Kroll.