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By Editorial·December 17, 2018

EconoFact attracts attention from the media and policy thinkers, and serves as a resource to journalists, because it occupies a unique space, bridging the gap between academic research and the analysis of public policy with non-partisan analysis by leading academic economists.

Coverage of EconoFact’s mission to contribute to the public debate includes:

The analysis and information provided by EconoFact informs policy influencers and journalists who are reporting on current events and critical issues. For example:

Kadee Russ and Lydia Cox on steel tariffs putting United States jobs at risk was cited in a range of outlets, including:


Tara Watson’s memo on whether undocumented immigrants overuse government benefits:


Kimberly Clausing’s memo "How will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact American Workers?"


Jennifer Doleac’s memo “Are Immigrants More Likely to Commit Crimes?


Menzie Chinn and Michael Klein on the link (or lack thereof) of trade deficits and economic growth was cited by:


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