Gun Violence in the United States

Sara B. Heller and | University of Michigan
Max Kapustin | Cornell University

December 4, 2022

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The homicide rate in the U.S. is over seven times that of other industrialized nations. Gun deaths accounted for nearly 80% of all U.S. homicides in 2020. In contrast, gun deaths represented about one-sixth of all homicides in other industrialized countries.

What interventions could prove effective in reducing gun violence in the U.S.? Are there ways to identify those at high risk, and reduce the likelihood of them becoming victims? Sara Heller and Max Kapustin join EconoFact Chats to discuss these critically important questions.

Sara is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, and Max is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Cornell University. Sara and Max’s research focuses on interventions to reduce crime, and improve life outcomes for disadvantaged youth.