What Do a Billion Prices Tell Us About Inflation?

Alberto CavalloTwitter Harvard Business School

October 24, 2021

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High inflation has become a central concern. After four decades of low inflation, the so-called ‘great moderation,’ the key question is whether the current situation portends a return to the high and rising inflation of the 1970s, or whether we are seeing a temporary blip due to supply chain disruptions and other effects of the pandemic.

Looking at a finer-grained analysis of the price changes of individual goods and services offers some insight. Alberto Cavallo, a pioneer in gathering and using online micro-data, joins EconoFact Chats this week to discuss the major takeaways from his analysis of over a billion prices.

Alberto is an associate professor at Harvard Business School. He co-founded The Billion Prices Project, and Price Stats — the leading private source of inflation statistics in over 20 countries.


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