Is Big Bad? Evolving Anti-trust Concerns in the U.S. (VIDEO)

By and ·November 8, 2019
Tufts University
This conversation was recorded on August 1, 2019.

A primary concern raised when one firm dominates a market is that consumers will face higher prices and fewer choices. Yet the existence of big firms at the national level does not necessarily mean that there will be less competition at the local level. Some of the big firms of today offer consumers better prices and a wider range of products. And, the concerns raised by the big tech firms that have spurred renewed interest in anti-trust often have more to do with their access to information. Michael Klein, Executive Editor of EconoFact and Dan Richards (Tufts) discuss the history of anti-trust enforcement in the U.S. and how thinking about anti-trust has changed over the decades.


Anti-Trust / Video
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