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2.3 billion people, or 30% of the world’s population, are food insecure. This isn’t just a problem in low-income countries – an estimated 34 million people in the United States, including one out of every eight children, have constrained diets because of a lack of access to food. Furthermore, malnutrition and obesity are common since most people’s diets have some deficiencies, or some excesses because of the costs of food, and a lack of knowledge about what constitutes healthy eating.

What are the causes of hunger? What makes for a healthy diet, and what does it cost to provide this to a family, both in the United States, and around the world? Will Masters joins EconoFact Chats to discuss these and other questions.

Will is a professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University. He is also an elected fellow of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.


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