Taking Stock of the U.S. Economy: Government Shutdowns, Inflation, Housing, Unions and More

Binyamin AppelbaumTwitter, New York Times
Larry EdelmanTwitter, Boston Globe
Scott HorsleyTwitter and National Public Radio
Heather LongTwitter Washington Post

October 8, 2023

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Binyamin Applebaum of the New York Times, Larry Edelman of the Boston Globe, Scott Horsley of NPR, and Heather Long of the Washington Post join EconoFact Chats for the 9th edition of the podcast’s panel discussion with economic journalists. Binyamin, Larry, Scott and Heather focus on inflation, affordable housing, the temporarily averted government shutdown, the auto-workers strike and what that might imply about the union movement, and the ongoing Amazon and Google¬†anti-trust cases.