Economic Growth

How Fast Did the Economy Grow Last Year?

By and ·March 5, 2019
Fletcher School, Tufts University and George Washington University and The Hamilton Project, Brookings Institution

The Issue:

The growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the most visible measures of economic performance. There are concerns with GDP as a measure of well-being: for example, it does not include non-market production that people value (such as parents caring for children or charitable work) nor does it

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What Explains Slow Productivity Growth in the United States? (VIDEO)

By and ·November 25, 2018
Harvard University and George Washington University and The Hamilton Project, Brookings Institution
Excerpt from webinar with Karen Dynan (Harvard University), Jay Shambaugh (George Washington University, and The Hamilton Project at The Brookings Institution), and Eduardo Porter (New York Times), October 23, 2018. A collaboration between EconoFact and The Hamilton Project, Brookings.

The Issue:

Productivity ...
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Do Current GOP Tax Reform Proposals Resemble Reagan’s Tax Reforms?

By ·November 29, 2017
Kennedy School, Harvard University
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The Issue:

President Donald Trump has invoked the experience of the Reagan Administration's tax reforms to promote the current Republican tax reform proposals. "Republicans and Democrats came together to cut taxes for hardworking families ...
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Immigration and Economic Growth in the U.S., 2000-2015

By ·March 16, 2017
University of California, Davis

The Issue:

Many of the concerns regarding immigration during last year's presidential election revolved around undocumented immigrants entering through the U.S.-Mexico border. Issues such as crime and competition for low-wage jobs between immigrants and native workers took prominent roles. However, the focus on ...
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Can the U.S. Economy Sustain 3½ to 4 Percent Economic Growth?

By ·January 25, 2017
Wellesley College

The Issue:

President Trump has stated that his economic policies would boost average U.S. economic growth to at least 3½ percent per year, with the potential to reach 4 percent. Some of Trump's policy proposals, such as tax cuts and infrastructure spending, indeed could boost growth over the next couple of years. ...
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Is the Trade Deficit a Drag on Growth?

By and ·January 20, 2017
Robert M. La Follette School, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Fletcher School, Tufts University

The Issue:

Donald Trump has made reducing the trade deficit one of his economic goals. And two of his top administration picks, Peter Navarro, who is slated to lead a new White House office on trade, and Secretary of Commerce nominee Wilbur Ross, have publicly stated that reducing the "trade deficit drag" would increase ...
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