Fiscal Policy

The Distributional Effects of Fiscal Policy (VIDEO)

By and ·April 28, 2019
The Brookings Institution and The Fletcher School, Tufts University

In this video, William G. Gale of The Brookings Institution, and EconoFact co-founder Michael Klein discuss the distributional effects of fiscal policy and the progressivity of the US tax system. 

The combination of tax and spending policies in the United States is progressive - but less so than in major European
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What Tools Does the U.S. Have to Combat the Next Recession? (VIDEO)

By and ·December 12, 2018
Harvard University and George Washington University and The Hamilton Project, Brookings Institution
Excerpt from webinar with Karen Dynan (Harvard University), Jay Shambaugh (George Washington University, and The Hamilton Project at The Brookings Institution), and Eduardo Porter (New York Times), October 23, 2018. A collaboration between EconoFact and The Hamilton Project, Brookings.

The Issue:

U.S. fiscal ...
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