COVID-19 began spreading at the end of 2019. Our posts cover the ensuing drop in employment; differential impacts on workers by income, race, ethnicity, gender, education, and parental status; unemployment insurance and other social supports to assist those impacted; the mounting red ink on federal and state budgets; and ramifications in areas ranging from developing countries, to education, the environment, and beyond.

Childcare and Reopening
Podcast: Coronavirus

Childcare and Reopening

Alicia Sasser Modestino Twitter Northeastern University

Working parents depend on safe and reliable care for their children in order to be able to work. But preschool care and after school programs are in danger of permanently shutting down in the wake of COVID-19. On the latest episode of EconoFact Chats, host Michael Klein, and Alicia Sasser Modestino of Northeastern University discuss the impact of a lack of childcare on working families, and on the broader U.S. economic recovery.