State and Local Finance

Why Does the Census Matter for State and Local Governments?

By and ·March 22, 2019
McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University

The Issue:

The 2020 Census is rapidly approaching. Much attention has focused on whether including a citizenship question will impact the accuracy of the count. But other factors  – ranging from technical issues, to funding, to the ability to hire the number of census workers required  –  also present challenges.

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The Burden of Public Pension Promises on State and Local Budgets

By and ·December 19, 2018
Brandeis University and Stanford University

The Issue:

Unfunded pension liabilities represent a significant challenge to the finances of many state and local governments. While no analysts dispute the general statement that pensions are underfunded in aggregate, there has been some discussion about how to estimate the magnitude of the gap. Moreover, however ...
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