Exchange Rates

China’s Exchange Rate Policy (VIDEO)

By and ·May 6, 2019
The Fletcher School, Tufts University and The Brookings Institution
This conversation was recorded on December 13, 2018.

The Issue:

China has been moving from an exchange rate regime in which the yuan was pegged to the U.S. dollar to one in which the relationship between the two currencies is somewhat looser. But the path to this transformation has been bumpy. The difficulties

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The Decline in the Dollar

By and ·June 2, 2017
Fletcher School, Tufts University and George Washington University

The Issue:

The dollar got stronger (appreciated) against the currencies of its major trading partners in the immediate wake of the election of President Trump. This reflected the market’s view of the expected effects of policies advocated by Candidate Trump, such as tax cuts, infrastructure spending, and higher ...
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Agricultural Implications of President Trump’s Policies

By ·March 20, 2017
Robert M. La Follette School, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Issue:

Nearly 70 percent of rural votes cast in the 2016 election went to Donald Trump. This phenomenon has been attributed in part to the declining fortunes of farmers. But rather than helping reverse this trend, several of the Trump administration's policy proposals would negatively affect the fortunes of ...
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Who is Responsible for the Strong Dollar? And What can be Done?

By ·February 1, 2017
Fletcher School, Tufts University

The Issue:

In a series of recent statements, the new administration has alleged that several U.S. trading partners are making their currencies artificially cheap in order to sell more exports to the U.S. and import fewer American goods. For instance President Trump accused Japan and China of using monetary policy ...
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